Online lunch seminar: Intrinsic Motivation – Curiosity and learning for the sake of learning


Matematik och statistik

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Humans as well as other animals are curious beings that develop cognitive skills on their own without the need for external goals or supervision. Inspired by this, how can we encourage AIs to learn and solve tasks by themselves? This talk presents the fascinating area of intrinsic reward in the context of reinforcement learning by showcasing recent articles and result.

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Speaker: Erik Gärtner, WASP PhD student at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund University


The Corona crisis prevents physical meetings and discussions, but in order to continue dialogue and joint learning, we now try a series of online lunch seminars. Together we watch one or more presentations from previous AI Lund events for 20-30 minutes. Then an expert, often the original speaker, is there to answer questions for 10-15 minutes. You can also ask questions in the text chat during the video. The presentations can be in Swedish or English, and you can ask questions in both languages.On May 20, we watch the presentation that WASP PhD Student Erik Gärtner gave on September 30, 2019 at AI Lund’s fika-till-fika workshop on AI & ML Technologies. Title: Intrinsic Motivation – Curiosity and learning for the sake of learning