Deep Learning


Observera att den här kursen inte längre erbjuds. Här hittar du aktuella kurser inom AI för yrkesverksamma

Kursen är utformad för yrkesverksamma med en befintlig universitetsutbildning som vill skaffa sig specialkunskaper och färdigheter inom området Neurala Nätverk och Djupinlärning.

Over the past few years, neural networks have enjoyed a major resurgence in machine learning, and today yield state-of-the-art results in various fields. This course provides an introduction to deep neural network models, and surveys some the applications of these models in areas where they have been particularly successful. The course covers deep feed-forward networks, recurrent networks, convolutional networks, as well general topics such as input encoding and training techniques. The course also provides practical experience with some of the software libraries available for building and training deep neural networks.