AI for Decision Makers

Samhället och AI

Samverkan mellan människor och AI

Tillämpningar av AI

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) encompasses the area of how computers can perform tasks traditionally considered to require human intelligence. The topic of using AI is discussed often in modern companies, e.g. should our company use AI? When should we use AI? What is the business case for our company using AI?

The course gives an introduction and practical demonstrations to the subject and has two main purposes. The first purpose is to provide knowledge and understanding of the key concepts within AI, their historical development, and the ethical issues that may arise with respect to AI. The second purpose is to provide decision makers with the knowledge and tools to reason about the feasibility of using AI in their companies – when and how to use it, as well as which benefits and costs AI brings.

During the course the participants learn how to set-up the infrastructure, train an example classifier and how to reason about the costs and benefits of using AI. Through practical exercises participants gain an understanding of how AI can be applied. Following the first half-day, participants work on their own with their case. In a second half-day session of the course, they present cases for discussion and feedback.