Elements of AI, Part 2: Building AI (2 credits)

Credit-bearing course

Societal Aspects of AI

Human-AI Interaction

Applications of AI

The course aims to introduce practical AI, focusing on basic machine learning. The aim is to understand how to build AI systems using machine learning, gain insight into the possibilities and limitations of the technology, and to get an overview of common methods for machine learning.

Elements of AI, Part 2: Building AI is an online course that you can take at your own pace at https://buildingai.elementsofai.com/. The course is based on self-study of the course material and is examined with self-correcting tests and submissions. If you have completed the online course Elements of AI, Part 2:Building AI, you can sign up for this course to have your results validated. This includes a validation test with questions similar to those found in Elements of AI, Part 2: Building AI. For more information see https://www.ida.liu.se/~ETE337/info/courseinfo.en.shtml.