Designing AI-Powered Services in Practice

Credit-bearing course

Please be aware that this course is no longer available. Explore our current selection of AI courses suitable for professionals.

The courses is for professionals and part of the programme MAISTR ( where participants can study the entire programme or individual courses. The course is part of the course track human-centered design and is held online in English.

The course will start with an exploration of the foundational concepts in generative AI and machine learning, ensuring participants grasp the depth and breadth of the technologies they will be integrating into service designs. This foundation will then be bridged with the principles of human-centered UX and service design, emphasizing the interplay between AI and human experience. Ethics will be a recurrent theme, delving into the complexities of integrating AI into services responsibly. The course also introduces sustainable and transparent AI practices, encouraging designs that are both environmentally conscious and long-lasting. Case studies and hands-on workshops will solidify these concepts, while the practical project will serve as an opportunity to implement and refine them.