An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in the Tourism Industry (MOOC)


This online MOOC course will let you discover how artificial intelligence is set to shape the future of tourism, in this introductory tourism management course.

You will gain a broad understanding of how AI and machine learning work, and learn to distinguish fact from fiction. You will consider the latest trends and developments, considering real-life artificial intelligence use cases. You will also consider key questions around AI ethics, addressing the common and valid concerns that come with these new technologies.

With this introduction to AI, you will begin to understand the potential applications of AI in the tourism industry. This will empower you to shape its future.

This tourism management course does not require any prior technical knowledge of artificial intelligence or computer programming. It is aimed at tourism industry professionals, with a stake in the future of tourism.

It is designed and delivered by leading artificial intelligence experts at the Luleå University of Technology.