AI Ethics for Engineers

Credit-bearing course

Societal Aspects of AI

Human-AI Interaction

As AI systems become more common and expand their abilities, the decisions they made have a crucial impact on society as a whole. Whether they are designed to recommend content or product online, to assist judges or physicians in their decision-making, or to decide how to distribute mortgages or video surveillance cameras, these systems can have a crucial and lasting impact on all of us. For this reason, it is of paramount importance that those in charge of designing such systems work toward ethical and responsible systems.

This course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of normative ethics and how they apply to AI systems, discuss how AI systems can become biased, as well as how to prevent and correct possible bias.

Through concrete examples, case studies, and project, this course aims at raising awareness on the problem of ethical AI as well as giving the students practical experience on how to ensure ethical and responsible development of AI systems in their everyday work.

This course is given on-line with three mandatory Zoom-meetings.