AI Friday – AI Efforts beneficial to Industry and Society?

12 Dec, 2019

Massive Effort on AI research and Education, but what’s in it for industry and society?
Welcome to participate in a workshop where we will present ongoing local and national efforts to build competence in artificial intelligence (AI) in society, and to accelerate collaborations across academia and society to increase knowledge and innovation relating to AI. A new project office for supporting collaborations relating to AI across academia and public and private organisations will be introduced, and we are also happy to present the most recent employed Professor on AI, Diego Calvanese, recruited as part of the massive efforts on AI at Umeå University.

We also invite public or private organisations, and staff at Umeå University, to present their common, ongoing projects relating to AI that they have together across academia, industry and/or public organisations. Also, if your company/public organisation has particular needs for collaboration with Umeå University, you are welcome to propose presentations regarding this. Please, propose this when you register for the day, but no later than Dec 10, at 10.00.

Date: Thursday December 12, 2019

Time: 11.30-15.00

Location: MIT-Place, the MIT-building, Umeå University