Machine Learning in Biotechnology

Credit-bearing course

Please be aware that this course is no longer available. Explore our current selection of AI courses suitable for professionals.

Welcome to a course that provides an introduction to machine learning and how deep learning strategies are used and developed in biotechnological applications. The course covers the foundations of data-based modeling and builds on this topic with machine learning modules relevant to genomics, protein sciences, and imaging. The course contains lectures and hands-on programming exercises, introducing distinct machine learning modalities. We cover supervised learning and unsupervised learning, and consider challenges and possibilities in applying these methods to biological data. At the end of the course, the participants are expected to have a broad knowledge of different machine learning techniques, concrete understanding of how to implement data based models, and how these tools can be used in the context of biotechnology. After the course, the participants are expected to be well-positioned to integrate machine learning techniques into their own research.