AI for industries

Contract education

The machine learning group at LTU University has designed a tailored course to empower industries with the latest advancements in AI. In the rapidly evolving field of AI, we see both challenges and opportunities. Regardless of your business type, our customized courses delve into the specific areas that matter to you. With a focus on ensuring your employees stay abreast of AI developments, we guide them in exploring how AI can enhance their daily work.

High competence
Leveraging over 20 years of AI research and more than 15 years of experience in AI education, LTU offers a unique blend of global expertise, local perspective and individualized adaptations to create courses tailored to your needs. Choosing a tailor-made course at LTU provides an opportunity to stay one step ahead and maximize your business use of AI.

Build your own course with micro modules
Our Micro module concept encourages participants to bring their real problems and promotes collaborative problem solving. With over 500 digital learning units – micromodules – each consisting of a short learning video, a quiz and a knowledge section, we cover different knowledge areas such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and more. When we structure a custom course, we strategically combine these units to deliver content that directly touches your business domain.

The learning process is digital, self-directed and designed to be seamlessly integrated with daily work routines. Live sessions are scheduled to suit your team’s availability. After completing a digital learning module or quiz, participants are encouraged to share their thoughts, reflections, questions and results. This facilitates online discussions, both in the comments section and during live sessions.

The course includes both theoretical and practical aspects, giving participants the opportunity to implement and practice learned concepts through project-based learning adapted to their specific needs. Active engagement is encouraged, and individual feedback is provided to enhance the learning experience. While many components involve digital self-learning, participants will feel part of a dynamic learning community, fostering discussion and collaborative problem solving. Live sessions are well organized and often deal with current industry topics, such as the application of ChatGPT in customer relations within companies in Norrbotten.